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We are passionate about social research

Our ethos & mission

We take our name from Mycorrhzial networks. Mycorrhizal networks are root-based systems that connect trees to other organisms. Via their root connections, and by virtue of their diversity, each individual organism is strengthened and the survival of all is achieved. So for us, the name symbolises connection, communication and working together to contribute toward creating a more equal, socially just world.

What we do

Research, collaborate, prepare and share!

Data collection

At MyCorZ, we tailor our research methods to meet the needs of your projects. We can become involved in study design, or can become involved later, conducting data collection, analysis or writing up findings. Services offered include, but are not limited to: interviews, focus groups and knowledge exchange events.

Data analysis

We have a reputation for having a depth of knowledge as well as a creative, innovative approach to research. If your project is already underway but you find yourself with too much data to manage, do get in touch. It is likely that we can help. We can become involved at any stage of the research process and are experienced in a range of analysis methods. 

Written & spoken outputs

We are able to offer a range of written outputs including, but not limited to: reports for funders, reports for lay audiences, employee guidance reports, peer-reviewed academic publications, blogposts, news articles. We can provide visual representations of study findings, such as posters and infographics. Additionally, we offer spoken outputs such as workshops, webinars and conference presentations.

Grant writing & proposal development

We provide support with research proposal development, helping clients throughout their journey, from selecting suitable funding options to the full management of the funding application process. We support clients with applications to research councils, academic and philanthropic funders.

Organisational development

At MyCorZ, we specialise in working with organisations to identify future goals and develop detailed pathways toward those goals. We provide consultancy services related to the development of therapeutic care approaches and contribute to toward developing and maintaining positive organisational ethos.

Networking & policy analysis

We are committed to improving public health and contributing to a more socially just world. We provide a range of policy analysis services and work with organisations to develop human-rights based strategies at the intersection of law enforcement and public health.

Training packages

Developed to suit you

We can develop training inputs to suit the needs of your organisation related to the topics of substance use, stigma, drug policy, trauma awareness and the use of inclusive language. We offer training workshops on a diverse range of related topics and have a vast network of associates, so whatever your training needs are, get in touch today to see if we can help.



Fees and pricing structure

Tailored packages

Our fee structure is based on the level of work that you require. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you with a detailed quotation.



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